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Social Media Marketing (SMM): Yes or No?

A lot of people I speak with want to know if social media is actually a good way to make money and drive traffic to their business. Well the answer to that question depends on the type of business you have, and the type of social media platform that you’re using.

Let’s be honest, most people use Facebook and Twitter to flirt with the opposite sex… well that’s how guys use those websites based on my experience. So if you offer a dating product, dating service, or a book teaching guys how to “pick up” on girls, then yes, you can make money on those platforms. Based on experience, girls use Facebook and Twitter to stalk boys or their ex bf’s. So if you sell a product that shows girls how to “hack” their bf’s iPhone or some other type of stalker software, then you’ll probably make money on those platforms.

Now if you use Facebook to try to sell a web design services, then that’s probably not that right platform to use. People don’t search Facebook to find a web design company. If people are looking for information about Web Design, they ‘re going to either search Google, Amazon, or YouTube to watch tutorials. So if you sell web design services, the social media platform that you should use is YouTube and you can upload a few “how to” videos and add links to your website.

If you’re in the food or clothing industry, a website like Pinterest can help generate sales. Most of the pictures on Pinterest are of food, clothes, and travel destinations. So you could also use Pinterest if you’re a travel agency too, it just depends! Yes, you can get website visitors from social networks, but the amount of website visitors that turn into actual profit for your business is what you have to keep track of. Try out an ad campaign on Facebook and track the results, you never know.

Some business owners swear by Facebook while others find it a complete waste of time and money. Just remember, it’s all about your return on investment. You may get a lot of traffic to your website using Facebook, but if the traffic isn’t converting into sales (assuming  your website is setup to convert visitors) then you should try a different social media platform. You should always test and track different sources to find the best social media platform for your business. Contact us for more information..

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