Google Removal Tool

Are you looking for more information about the Google removal tool? Visit this page on Google’s website:

A quick recap:

To temporarily block a URL from Google Search:

  1. The URL must be in a Search Console property that you own. If it’s not, follow these instructions instead.
  2. Open the Remove URLs tool.
  3. Click Temporarily hide.
  4. Enter the relative path of the desired image, page, or directory. The following rules apply:
    -The URL is case-sensitive. This means that is not the same as
    -The path is relative to your Search Console property root.
    -All variations of http and https, www and non-www will match. So if you specify
    - matches
    - matches
    - matches
    - matches
    - does not match. Other subdomains (such as m. or amp.) do not match.
    -To hide an entire site, leave the path empty, and in the next step choose Clear cache and temporarily hide a URLs
    5. Click Continue.
    6. Click Submit Request. The request can take up to a day to process, but is not guaranteed to be accepted. Check back to see the status of the request. If your request has been denied, click Learn more to learn why.
    7. Submit additional removal requests for any pseudonym URLs for that page, as well as any variations in URL casing that your server handles. For example, all the following URLs might point to the same page:

For additional help with Google Search Console, visit the website here:

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