Website Security Optimization

Website Security Optimization Service

  • Monitoring logins
  • PHP version check
  • Security keys check
  • Check SSL certificate on your site and/or setup SSL certificate
  • Plugin and theme editor access restriction
  • Website scanning
  • Removal of malware
  • Removal of virus
  • Removal of unnecessary error logs
  • Re-installation of all plugins & WordPress theme if the website is hacked

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Website Security For Your Online Business

When you manage an online business on a PC, site security is fundamental in ensuring your data doesn’t get into the hands of any dangerous programmers or perhaps eradicated by an virus. If you happen to offer items for sale through your website, your clients need to feel that your site is secure if they need to provide their credit card information and personal information to complete the purchase. If your site seems unprofessional or unsafe, it will directly affect the number of people that purchase products or items from your website, therefore hampering your business. Unless your customers feel protected and secure, they won’t use your website.

The greatest aspect of website security is that it provides you and your potential customers with a sense of security making you and them more comfortable to conduct business on your site. Would you enter your bank card information and location on a website that isn’t secure? Definitely not and your potential clients won’t either. Trust and security are really the two most important aspects of your business, and you need to convey this to your customers if you want to truly make your online business flourish.

While looking for tips on the most proficient method to add security to your webpage, consider buying a security and safety monitoring program. Such programs provide you with the following benefits:

  • Continuous reports of unsafe sites
  • Help remove destructive files
  • Remove any malware or dangerous elements from your webpage

Alongside malware defense, a site security program will keep your PC and data safe as well. While it keeps the information on your site safe, you can also offer assurance to your clients in the event that they’re giving you secure information like their location, credit card number, or passwords.

Keeping your site as protected as possible offers a great advantage to your organization. Case in point, if search engines like Google decide that your webpage is not by any means safe, you can lose your positioning on search engines. Losing your position on the web means that your customers won’t have the ability to find you online. Not only will you lose your current business, but this will prevent you from expanding your business as well.

Website security is a necessary investment if you wish to offer peace of mind for your clients and yourself. If you’re worried about the expenses of website security, remember that it won’t cost much in comparison to how much business you’ll lose if your website crashes. Contact us for more information.

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