Reputation Management Services

Reputation Management & SEO

  • Business reputation analysis and research
  • Research websites that say something negative about your brand
  • Keyword analysis of negative websites
  • Monitor your online brand
  • Monitor social media outlets
  • Monitor Forums
  • Monitor Blogs
  • Article creation and management
  • Articles, blogs, and websites created to counter unwanted articles
  • Link-building campaign created to new articles, blogs and websites
  • Social media protection
  • Establish your brand on popular social media outlets

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More About Reputation Management

What is reputation management? Reputation management is controlling how other people view your business online. For example, when someone looks up your business online, do you have a lot of bad reviews? What do people see when they “Google” search you or your business?

We can help you set up social media profiles, authority profile accounts, and get positive reviews from reputable sources so your business will be able to put its best foot forward. We can help you set up and optimize your accounts, we can optimize your Google+ page, set you up with a Yahoo Local page, and a Bing Local page. We can also help you get and maintain positive reviews for all of those accounts.

As you know, one bad review can hurt your business, so if you get too many bad reviews; it’s game over. You’re going to get negative reviews, but it’s how you deal with those reviews that matter. We can help you push the negative reviews down, and we’ll also implement a strategy to get more positive reviews compared to negative reviews. We will also give you a few tips to help you avoid negative reviews in the first place.

If you follow our simple strategy, when someone looks up your business name, they won’t be able to see anything but business listings for your business and profile accounts. Sometimes your competition may post negative things about you over the internet. We can help you easily manage these negative comments to make sure that your business isn’t damaged by corporate sabotage.

We’re able to set up social media accounts that will rank very well on the first page of Google. Also we’ll help you put together a system that will allow unhappy clients to contact you directly instead of posting negative reviews on the internet.

Reputation Management & Unhappy Clients

Most of the time, an unhappy client posts a negative review online because they couldn’t get the help/customer support they were looking for.

We’ll show you a few different ways that you can handle these unhappy clients to make sure that they don’t damage your business by posting negative remarks online.

Negative reviews are mostly due to poor customer service. Of course you’re going to run into customers that just complain because they like to complain, but a lot of customers will only take the time to post bad things about your company if you fall short on your end.

A negative online reputation can cost you a lot of money and a lot of customers. Unfortunately some people blindly read reviews online and think that they’re all the truth. In fact, most are fake positive reviews, some are bad reviews written by your competition, and a small few are legitimate reviews. There’s no way to distinguish which reviews are real or not, but get one bad review and people tend to believe those every single time.

We’ll set up a game plan to brand your company properly across the internet. Regardless of where people search, you’ll be presented in a good light and most importantly, your company will have a professional image that will attract more customers and increase your overall sales.

Contact us now and we’ll help you put together a reputation management strategy that will help improve your business fast.

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