Kent Mauresmo

Digital Marketing Strategist
Kent oversees all accounts on a daily basis. Achievements and skills include: search engine optimization, web design, HTML, CSS, online marketing, best selling author, and produces training videos. Yes, he’s awesome.

Anastasiya Petrova

Search Marketing Consultant
Ana is in an expert when it comes to market research. Skills include: keyword research, competition analysis, and analytical data. She’s also a best selling book author and her favorite quote is, “reading is sexy.” I agree 🙂

Matthew Pitt

Network Engineer
Honestly, we barely understand what he does; but he can fix anything on any website. He builds high performing computer networks, and he helps us design and optimize our clients websites for speed and performance.

Sean Hunter

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Sean is in charge of all aspects of on-page SEO. Skills include: optimizing for the best title tags, description tags, meta keyword tags, H1, H2, and H3 tags. Proficient at HTML, CSS, and WordPress….genius.

Tommy Park

SEO Coordinator
Tommy is in charge of off-page SEO. Skills include: backlink campaigns, tiered back-linking, private blog networks, link exchange, and any other link building opportunities. He probably has the hardest job out of all of us. Oh well. Lol..


Director of Public Relations
Sammie is in charge of reputation management. Skills include: company reviews, social media presence, press releases, and manages anything else that might show up in the media in regards to your business. Gotta love Sammie!